About Elaine Valerie

Women’s Empowerment Coach


Elaine Valerie is a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Yoga teacher, writer, and inspirational spiritual artist at heart.

Knowing that it is part of her purpose, Elaine is passionate about helping women (re)connect with their own feminine essence, so they can fall in love with themselves and shine brightly from their hearts.

Having had her fair share of good and bad moments in life, she is determined to help others work through their shadows so that they can live their life to its fullest potential and step into their own light. She wants to support women on their road to happiness and emotional fulfillment in every way possible.

Already at a young age, she was very creative. So her path started with studying media economics and working as a media designer and artist before she found Yoga and decided to switch up her career path to become a Yoga teacher.

She’s been traveling a lot and worked as a model for more than a decade. While doing that, she learned a great deal about self-expression and self-confidence. She’s passionate about passing this knowledge on to her audience. Amongst other topics, she loves teaching about divine femininity, self-love, self-development, spirituality, and expansion of the mind.

She’s been part of several online blogs, art projects, and stage performances. On top of that, she also co-owned a Yoga studio at some point. She jokingly says that she has ‘done it all in the past ten years, and it was a wild ride,’ and she knows very well how to embrace change and transformation with an open mind because of all her experiences.

She spent lots of time of her childhood in the Scandinavian forests with her German mother and her Swedish father. While wandering through the woods she loved connecting to nature and the unseen spirit world. She feels deeply connected to everything that is and enjoys the beauty of life that can be found everywhere around and within us.

Elaine currently lives in Germany with her partner, close to her loved ones.

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