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Dear Woman, 
it is time for the Divine Feminine to rise. It is time to unite as Sisters and to step into our individual light so that we can create a more conscious world together. By empowering yourself, you create a vibrational ripple effect that affects everything around you.

I guide women to embody their intuitive, sovereign, and radiant self.
If you’re looking for guidance on embracing your feminine, creative, mystic, and intuitive energy, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you evolve into the sovereign creator that you are and I want to see you overcome your struggles with aligning with your highest path or expressing yourself authentically.

My approach is to combine very intuitive, spiritual, and ancient practices with practical tools. Working with your Shadows is as essential as working with your Light.

Let me guide you on your journey to evolve into your highest version and create the intuitive foundation for feminine sovereignty & radiance in The Evolving Goddess Mentorship, my 13-week 1:1 program.

Soul Plan Astrology Reading

Get to know your cosmic Blueprint

Your Soul has a plan for this life – it is all written in the stars.

Did you know that your Soul chose your lessons, traits, and strengths before you incarnated on this planet? Unlike Horoscopes, your personal Natal Chart is very accurate and unique as it relates to the position of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth.
You came here with a celestial code and Astrology is a perfect tool to decipher it, understand your energetic blueprint, activate your Soul gifts, and navigate the current cosmic energies.

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The Evolving Goddess Mentorship

A transformative and uplifting 13-week 1:1 mentorship program
to teach you how to reconnect to your ancient, divine feminine wisdom and empower yourself in the most embodied, intuitive, and Soul-guided way. EGM combines intuitive, spiritual, and ancient practices with effective and practical tools. Together, we’re going to dive deep into the aspects of you that aren’t in full expression and come into balance within yourself, allowing you to feel more in your power and aligned with your Soul to live your highest purpose.

Spots are limited. Women of any age, color, shape, form, background, or story are welcome.

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Dear Woman,

Are you ready to align with your Soul’s path?

Welcome, beautiful Goddess!

I’m so excited that you’re here.

Are you ready to be empowered, self-confident, and beautiful from the inside out? Learn more:

My gift to you:

I created this free mini-course for you to be an inspiration and resource to guide you on your way back home to yourself and tap into your deep feminine wisdom.

After these 3 days, you will have gained a deeper sense of your own feminine energy and how you can work with it. You will experience how you can act and create from a grounded, receptive, safe space inside of you. Symbolically, you will plant new seeds in your sacred garden and invoke your divine feminine energy within. This reconnection to yourself and your primal connection to nature will help you step more into your power.

What you get:

  • A self-paced 3-day mini-course
  • Immediate & unlimited access to the online-portal
  • Video & audio files
  • PDF-documents & worksheets

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About Elaine Valerie

Why I want to see you rise & shine


I believe that every woman is a beautiful Goddess who deserves to live life to its fullest in her most authentic and empowered expression. I want to see you rise above your self-doubts and step into your light where you belong – without self-imposed limitations. I’d love to see you follow your heart and tap into your spiritual essence so that we can co-create a beautiful world together.

I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for more than 20 years, and I found my purpose in helping women empower themselves in the most nourishing, enjoyable, and intuitive way.

I’m a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher (200h).

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