The little joys in life

Happiness is an inside job. You won’t ever be able to find it outside of you. No thing, no money, no fame, no property, no other person in the whole wide world will ever bring you happiness and give you satisfaction unless you decide for yourself that you want to do the inner work that’s necessary to become happy from the inside out. It is a decision you make, not an accidental circumstance that happens to you.

If you don’t know where to start or how to find your happiness, try to look for what excites you first.

What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing? If you still don’t know, try to remember what you liked doing when you were a child, and try to go for that feeling you had when you did something truly exciting. Was it painting? Running around in the forest? Building something with your hands? Playing with friends? Watching the butterflies? How did it make you feel? That’s what you want to bring more into your life.

The trick is not to allow the current circumstances of your life to keep you from working on it, especially if you’re in an unpleasant phase. Think about every roadblock in your way as a portal to the next level. It’s there for you to learn something. The universe possibly makes or made you feel the whole range of human emotions, which serves your expansion and personal development as a human being on this planet. And now you have the possibility to step up. To find your happiness.

Rome also wasn’t built in a day, but every step you take on your journey will get you closer to the goal – so just keep going, even if it’s just the little things.

As we grow up and older, joys seem to appear less frequently in our lives, because of all the increasing responsibilities and obligations that we have to deal with. But the truth is that you don’t need any specific reason to enjoy and celebrate life every day. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. It’s enough that you’re feeling it for yourself, and getting devoured in any happy moment whenever it strikes you. And eventually, other people will join you at that moment, too.

It‘s easier to live lighthearted than to live with too much heaviness on your mind. It‘s easier to enjoy the moment than to have your life planned out to the last detail, without leaving any room for creative development and expansion. As long as you keep your goals in sight for yourself, and as long as you don’t forget about your responsibilities, you can only gain ‚life’.

After all, in the end, it won’t be important how many years you have lived, but how much you have filled these years with a life that you enjoyed. And enjoying life has nothing to do with being selfish. It’s celebrating the moment whenever it comes, without apologizing for feeling how you feel.

Love & stardust,

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