How to spring clean your life, how to spring clean yourself, and how to spring-clean basically everything? These are the questions that arise every springtime... :) I certainly do have rituals when it comes to spring cleaning, and every year around this time I cannot wait for those first rays of warm sunlight to shine.
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Photo: The Vintage Romance (www.TheVintageRomance.com)
Women should support each other. Women should stop picking on each other. That’s what repeatedly came to my mind during the last few weeks. Most recently I saw a blogpost by a fellow blogger and there was a girl commenting on her shoes ‚Your shoes are so ugly.‘ Or: 'Your makeup looks horrible.' Why commenting
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London, Photo: BSX World (www.bsx-world.com)
What about a little vacation during Christmas time in London - sounds prefect, right? Well, that’s what we had hoped for when me and my man Black Spirit X made this little trip in the beginning of December. It was a spontaneous idea to book this quick holiday trip on a long weekend, and we
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Photo: Isabelle Gloria
Last October me and Isabelle Gloria went to the 'Vogue loves Breuninger Event' in Stuttgart. Shopping opportunities, drinks and fashion shows on 4 floors. I thought it would be fun to share some snapshots of a nice evening with you. Hopefully there'll soon me more fun events like this ;) Cheers!   __ (This post
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