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Hello beautiful person!

Yes, YOU. So you’ve found your way here to read this article. How wonderful! :)
Once again: Welcome to my website and blog about my lifestyle and my journey through life.

Some of you might have been following me around since years in the online world, but some of you might just have stumbled upon this page. Either way, I’m happy that you’re here and that you’re reading this.

I’m Elaine Valerie, a media-designer, model, occasional photographer and certified Yoga teacher. I have Swedish roots but I live close to Stuttgart in Germany.

Life itself inspires me and I like the glamorous, extraordinary, extravagant style with a touch of darkness.
I’m deeply into expressing my own being through my art, my looks, my writings and basically anything I do in life.

I wasn’t always as self-confident as I am now, and I’m still growing into a stronger person every single day. One of the reasons I decided to re-launch my blog ‘Elaine Valerie’ is that I want to share my way of life with you and the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout this journey to becoming the person that I’m now.

My Blogging-journey

When it comes to blog-content, I’ve been doing a lot in the past few years. Tried out a lot. Failed a lot. Learned a lot. Failed again. Learned again. Always in search for my ‘thing’ and I tried – as possibly everybody else in this universe does, too – to find my own space here on earth.

I’ve been ‘blogging’ since 2011 and started with a little fashion-blog on Blogspot (anyone here who can remember that one? ;) ) where I shared my first experiences as a model and world-travelling fashion lover. (I even transferred some few of these super old blogposts to this blog here out of nostalgia.)

But this first undertaking got lost in the archives when I decided to get more serious about blogging and teamed up with Isabelle Gloria in May 2013 to start our art project called ‚The Vintage Romance. This blog is still alive, and we love our little space to express ourselves artistically over there. We had several publications so far in vintage themed and Pinup magazines and even created whole articles including the photos for them. We developed concepts, photo-sets, organized locations, teamed up with brands, did the make-up and styling, took the photos and edited them, and wrote the articles all by ourselves. A real two-woman show. This project is still our baby and we will keep up with it for as long as we feel inspired to do so.
(As you might have noticed, I have also transferred and copied some of the blogposts that I’ve written for ‘The Vintage Romance’ and published them here as well, as I think that their topics fit my new project quite well.)

In August 2015 I decided to start another solo-project called ‘Unlocked Heart’a Yoga-lifestyle themed blog – to document my journey from being a Yoga-student to becoming a Yoga-teacher during my 10-month-long teacher training. But when the teacher training was over I didn’t feel very inspired any longer to write articles for it, so I teamed up with Isabelle again and let her become a part of it, too, so we both could write write about more spiritual topics over there.
But as it is in life – energy flows where attention goes – and we both lost interest in writing anything for the blog at all pretty quickly, because our energies were spread out here and there and nowhere continuously, so we just lately decided to let this project ‘die’ completely. RIP Unlocked Heart! ;) But thanks for everyone who was a part of it, though!

So now,  why this blog?

This year I set the intention to really FOCUS. To focus all of my attention upon my projects, my interests, my doings and my thoughts and to bundle my energies to achieve all the goals that I’ve set for this year. And I have big goals.

I’m determined to specifically focus on less things now, but to give them more attention and space to grow at the same time. That’s also why I shut down several projects lately (private and work-related) and made a clean cut to now be able to focus on what I truly want in life.

During the last few months it also became very clear to me that I wanted to re-launch my own personal blog because there are many things that I’ve learned along my sometimes a little rough journey through life that I want to share with you. I have this urge to write. To put down my thoughts on screen and to make them visible for you. All these everyday thoughts, but also the mind-expanding things I’m dealing with and that I want you to know about, too, as they’ve helped me develop mental strength and self-confidence.

What Do I want to achieve with this blog
  • My goal is to reach out and to inspire people – with me as a living example of overcoming the fear of taking responsibility for my own happiness.
  • I want you to get comfortable in your own skin. It seems to be a big deal for people ( I guess especially for girls and women) to accept themselves as they are. On my long journey through self doubt, self worth issues and isolation I found my way to really become and like the authentic ‚me‘.
    On my blog I want to share my experiences and my progress with you and maybe also inspire you how YOU can become more comfortable in your own skin, too. I want to inspire and uplift so you can become the greatest version of yourself and step into your own power!
  • I like expressing myself with style. So there also will be a lot of fashion, style, beauty, etc. on the blog as well. After all, I’m a woman! ;) I’m planning to give tips about lifestyle, beauty and style in tutorials, videos and more and give you peeks behind the scenes as well (during trips or my adventures as a fashion-lover and model), whenever they occur.
  • I want to illustrate the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul. Many people tend to focus on only one or maybe two of these things. When I finally understood that keeping all of those 3 pillars healthy and in balance, I started to feel more happy. And on my blog I want to share my tips with you.
  • I want to encourage you to ‘make your own box’ – if you, like me, never fit in any box at all when it comes to style, mindset and lifestyle in general ;)
  • I want you to live the life you want to live. This includes being 100% true to yourself and getting to know your own creative power.
  • This domain used to be a space for my portfio only in the past, so you can still find my model-portfilo here. I just added a little extra blog around it. 

I’m not saying that I’ve mastered life and that I’m the most enlightened being, but I’ve come a long way since being a shy, dissatisfied young girl without knowing myself at all.
Sometimes all you need is the right motivation or the right words at the right time. I hope that I can maybe give that to you in the right moment when you need it.

What would you like to see and read about?

Also, please let me know what you would like to see or read about here!
I’d love to get in touch with you so much, and hear your thoughts as well!

Thanks for still reading this blog entry and I really hope to see you soon again. :)

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Lots of love to you and talk to you soon,
Elaine Valerie

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