Morning habits for success

Hello beautiful soul,

Today I want to share my top 3 tips on how you can set yourself up for success – already in the morning!

But let’s start with the definition of success first. 
What is success to you? How do you define it?
Is it a certain amount of money? Status? An achievement?

The more you know about what success actually means to you and why you truly want it, the more likely you will be successful.

The difference between successful and average people is that they intentionally set themselves up for success. They don’t only dream about being successful – they actually take inspired action. And they certainly have a morning routine that helps them get into a success mindset.

When I think about my own life: I’m usually a very positive person. But anyway, I choose to practice getting into a positive mindset every day because normally, I don’t just wake up like that.

I need to set intentions and mentally get into a space in which I feel good.

So without further ado,

here are my top tips (+ a few bonus tips)

on how you can set yourself up for success:

With love and stardust,

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