Juice fasting – A 3-Day detox to reset body & Mind

My experience with juice-fasting

At the beginning of the year 2020, I set the intention to take better care of my physical body and wanted to have a fresh start. My goal was to give my body time a break from all the crap, sugar, and heavy holiday-food that I had been eating during the last few months of 2019. I wanted to practice more self-care, so I decided to try out a 3-day juice-fast.

There are many companies out there who provide these specific types of juices, so I did a little research and ordered a package of 18 juices in total. I decided on fresh, unsweetened, natural, and ecological juices without any additional ingredients.

The fast was designed to drink one juice every two hours, six juices a day. Each one tastes differently, and I did this for three days. Along with the juices, the only other fluids I drank was plain water and unsweetened herbal tea.


I had never done anything like that before, so I was curious about how my body would react to no food. And I was honestly surprised how good it felt. I expected it to be a total mood-killer, but instead, I felt invigorated and super clear in my mind.

Of course, there were also some hours when I felt a little dizzy and tired, but I allowed my body to rest and sleep whenever it wanted to. The first day was the hardest for me, and the craving for lunch was tough to overcome. But whenever I started feeling hungry throughout the days, I drank plenty of water to compensate for the lack of food.


I wouldn’t recommend making a juice-fast when you need to work or need to do something that requires a lot of focus or physical activity, as your body might feel a little bit weaker and different than usual. I’d personally choose a time when I can be alone to devote this act of self-care to myself.


The fast was more than just not eating anything for me – it was a sacred act of cleansing my body and turning my focus inwards, without the influence of any food or substances to digest. I meditated a few times a day and allowed myself to have all the time in the world to work through my thoughts, emotions, shadows, and everything else that came up.

Have you ever done a juice fast? Would this be something that you’d try?

Love & stardust,

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