Improving your intuition with Tarot

For centuries people have been using cards for divination practices and other purposes.

I’ve been working with Tarot and Oracle-Cards for almost 20 years. They’ve always fascinated me, and over the years, I’ve grown a vast collection.

I use them whenever I feel called to tune into my own energy. I never use it to predict the future, because I believe that the future is never set in stone. The cards can only ever show you your current situation and the hidden aspects of it. They can only predict an outcome if you stay in the same energy you’re currently in: if you choose to stay in that same vibe, keep having the same thoughts, and doing the same things that you’ve been doing all along. Only then they can somehow predict the outcome of your situation.

But we live in a universe of infinite possibilities, so it’s in your own hands to create your own future. You can always choose to change something about your life to create a different outcome.

Sometimes pulling Tarot cards can be a satisfying confirmation, and other times it can give you inspiration for a course-correction and shine a light on shadows or blind-spots. There are many more options that you can use if you feel like getting into Tarot is too overwhelming, like Oracle cards, Rune-stones, or other types of Oracles.

So how can you improve your intuition with Tarot?

Tarot can help you to tune into, channel, and decipher the language of the universe. It is your higher self speaking to you that delivers messages from your soul in the form of pictures, symbols, and the specific general meanings of each card. Sometimes it even brings you messages from your ancestors or spirit guides.

I personally love to meditate on each card that I pulled. Sometimes I will receive the information immediately, and other times I will hold it close to my heart and listen to what feelings come up.

It’s never wrong to look up different sources for the meanings, but it’s mostly about what your heart’s whispering to you while you’re looking at the cards you pulled.

Picking a deck

Whenever I decide to pull some cards, I let my intuition help me pick the deck that I want to use on that day. It is almost like a deck of cards is calling to me that wants to be used. It is how I’ll know that there’s a particular card in that deck that wants to come out for me to bring forth a message.

Two same cards from different decks can have the same general meaning, but they also could have been depicted differently by each artist. There might be an additional animal on the picture in one deck, and on the card of the other deck, there’s something else that can be discovered. For example, if you intuitively chose to pick the deck with the animal, it might have another message for you, and you might want to do a little extra research about the animal that shows up, especially if you meet that animal in any way throughout your day.

Pulling a card

While shuffling and pulling the cards might be an almost ritualistic act for some people, I personally think that there should not be any strict rules that you should need to follow.
Whatever and however it feels right to you will be the perfect way for you.

There are different kinds of spreads that you can do, but sometimes it will be enough to only pull one or a few cards without any specific formation.

If a card falls out while shuffling, it has a special and urgent message for you.

Ask yourself for any card that shows up:

How can I apply the message to my life? Does it resonate? Does it trigger any resistance? Does it mirror my current thoughts? Which aspect of my life needs improvement?

If you’d like to pull a clarification card if you don’t understand the meaning, that’s OK. But be aware that pulling cards for the same question several times, repeatedly, won’t get you any better answer. It will most likely only confuse you and make you feel frustrated.

Conclusive thoughts

In the end, pulling Tarot cards or practicing any other form of divination should be treated as fun, but as a sacred act at the same time.

Don’t pull cards when you’re in a very low, emotionally loaded, or negative space, as this might cloud your answers. Try to prepare the space by cleaning your room, burning some incense, maybe even lighting a candle, or doing something else that feels right to you, but that makes the whole process something special.

Love & stardust,

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