how to spring clean your lifeHow to spring clean your life, how to spring clean yourself, and how to spring-clean basically everything?
These are the questions that arise every springtime… :)

I certainly do have rituals when it comes to spring cleaning, and every year around this time I cannot wait for those first rays of warm sunlight to shine. They indicate that it’s finally time for a fresh start.

Why spring cleaning is so important

When the space around you is cluttered with things and stuff, it’s literally energetically draining you. A clear mind cannot happen in an unorganized surrounding. Believe me, I might know this best, because sometimes I feel like I’ve only just turned around and immediately left a whole after-hurricane-mess behind me. And I just don’t know how this could happen again.

Usually I have to force myself to put all the stuff away immediately, and especially after wintertime there’s even more leftover-stuff that should have been removed a very long time ago. Also, I’m a notoriously chaotic person who constantly needs to re-organize stuff. That’s another reason why spring cleaning is important to me.

Spring is all about growth and renewal, so we can use this energy and time to renew ourselves, or maybe even to reinvent ourselves. Think of it like a break-up with winter. After breakups we usually tend to do things differently than before: create new habits, new surroundings, possibly even a new lifestyle.

With today’s blogpost I want to share my personal and best tips with you how I spring clean my life every year.

Watch my Video here to get my top 5 Tips on how to spring clean your life:

Do you also have some tips? Let me know in the comments! :)

Here’s a link to my first video called ‘Self love and the road to happiness.’

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  1. I also get super motivated to make changes in the springtime! Love your tips, they really inspired me. :) Also, you’re so pretty!

    • Elaine Valerie Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 It really means a lot to me. And yes – springtime is probably the best time to be motivated! :)

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