How to enjoy every moment – 4 simple tricks

Have you ever felt like you didn’t enjoy some moments of your life as much as you should have done?

Maybe you’ve been experiencing life through a lens, from the point of view that wasn’t really yours because you’ve been busy making it right for everyone else around you?

I have often caught myself either dwelling in the past, over-thinking, and over-analyzing situations that I could have or should have done differently. Or I’ve found myself being stuck in daydreams about the future, where I also often painted it all black by thinking about the worst-case scenarios that could possibly happen. 

Maybe you’ve also caught yourself in being stuck in such repeating thought patterns like these sometimes. They can suck the good vibes out of you in no time.

What I’ve learned from this is that everybody can control where they what to put their focus. If you’re going to focus on the past, well, that’s your choice. 

Whenever you’re being attached to the outcome, no matter if in the past or future, it will only ever make you feel uneasy and stressed. However, when you allow yourself to focus on the present moment, you will open up to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer.

By bringing back your awareness to the present, you will enjoy the moment and everything that happens in the now. It might take a little practice, but the more you realize it whenever your mind drifts off to another timeline than your current one, it’s time to switch your focus back on the happenings in the now.

Here are four simple tricks that will help you to enjoy the moment:

Breathe deeply

Bring back the awareness to your body by taking deep, long breaths. Count slowly to 4 when you inhale, and count slowly to 6 with every exhale. In that way, you’ll make the exhales longer and automatically calm your nervous system. 

Whenever I begin teaching a Yoga class, I will first ask my students to lay down, close their eyes, and take a few deep breaths. This always helps profoundly to shift the energy in the room from stress to serenity. 

Become aware of your surroundings

What is going on around you? Take a few moments each day to just observe, especially when you feel like you have no time or feel stressed. Did you know that you can pick up the energy from others around you, without even noticing it? We all have radars and intuitively inbuilt sensors, yet many people have forgotten how to use them.

So whenever you feel stressed and can’t explain where that feeling comes from, look around and observe the people you can notice. Are they stressed? Did you maybe pick up on their vibe and let it cause you to feel the same? This can happen easily, for example, in the subway or at the grocery store. But whenever you’re aware of what’s going on, you can imagine a protective shield around you that keeps the bad vibes outside and lets you focus on your own emotions and feelings instead.

Acknowledge the beauty

Pick some flowers to decorate your home. Watch the birds bathing in the leaves of a tree after a rain shower. Admire the beauty of how the couple on the other side of the street interacts with each other. Beauty can lie in the most profound things.

By taking notice of the beauty that surrounds you, you’ll focus on the positive in the present moment. And as a bonus, you’ll be raising your vibe by opening your heart.

What can you see when you look around you? What beauty can you notice right now?

Find positive things

This takes the last step a bit further. Try to find positive things about you, your current situation, or the surrounding you’re in right now. It might be a tough task sometimes, but there is ALWAYS something positive that you can find. For example: even though lying sick in bed with the flu isn’t a thing anyone would wish for, it could finally give you the time to watch that movie that you’ve wanted to see for ages. Or give you the time to read that book that you’ve wanted to begin.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in something, try to find at least one positive thing about it and start focusing on that.

Or ask yourself, ‘What can I improve or change about my situation right now?

Love & stardust,

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