How to Develop an Abundance Mindset

What is abundance to you? Is it wealth and prosperity? Or could it be even more – like living in a space of overflow?

Abundance doesn’t only have to do with finances. Instead, it is a mindset of having more than enough or experiencing joy when you look around. And having enough money, of course, is a part of living in abundance.

Do you wish to feel more abundant in your life, even if you haven’t met your financial goals yet?
Then you can do the following things:

Define where you feel lack

Take a close look at the things you think you lack. Are you often focusing on these things? Try to focus on the things you want instead, as the universe will only provide you more of what you lack if you’re stuck on thinking about it all the time

You have the choice

Scarcity mindset is a choice – as is abundance mindset! It’s like the two wolves (the bad and the good one) and deciding which one to feed. Keep that in mind and choose what you want to think and feel like


Find evidence for abundance – around and within you (like the food on your plate, the clothes that you wear, or the roof over your head). Find things that you already have in your life that you’re grateful for and that you cherish. The more you focus on these things, the more you become a vibrational match to the things that make you feel good and hence attract more of them. This is the law of attraction

It is an ongoing process, not an overnight shift

Feeling abundant is an ongoing process, not an overnight shift. You might even have to change your beliefs or thought patterns that might be holding you back. But by looking for evidence of abundance around and within you every single day, you will establish a new habit that will help you raise your vibe

Avoid negativity

Avoid negative people who don’t support you and surround yourself with supportive people instead. Avoid toxic relationships or situations as much as you can. Avoid negative thoughts. Whenever you find yourself stuck in a negative mindset, ask yourself what you could do to improve the situation, instead of dwelling in a bad mood. Avoid negative news as much as you can to keep your mind free from bad influences from the outside. Instead, fill your mind with good and inspiring things. Improve or learn a new skill, or do anything that brings you joy, as often as you can.

Give back

How can you give back? The more you give, the more you will receive. If you keep on holding back (money, knowledge, tools, talents), this stems from scarcity mindset. How can you give freely without expecting anything in return? (And of course, without over-stretching yourself).


Love and stardust,

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