How to connect with your Higher Self to find your life’s purpose

Living a purposeful life is something we all hope and wish for. Knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it sounds like a satisfying privilege that only a few of us get.

But what if I told you that you could also tap into this knowledge by aligning with your Higher Self?
At least into a little part of it?

Your Higher Self

Your soul came down here on Earth with a mission. It wants to experience life and explore this world with all its aspects, highs, and lows. There is the highest potential that the mortal part of you can reach while you’re wandering around on this planet. This is called your Higher Self. As you have free will, you can choose to align with it and fulfill your purpose, or you can also choose any other path you want to take.

Your Higher Self is the highest potential of your mortal part that you can reach if you align with it while you’re here on this planet. It is constantly whispering messages from your soul to you and guiding you to reach your highest potential to fulfill your purpose.

Do you need to know your purpose?

The question is not if you need to know it, but if you want to know it. There is no need to know anything about your purpose or Higher Self to live a happy, fulfilled life. I’m also not saying that you won’t fulfill your purpose if you’re not aligning with your Higher Self.

In fact, I personally believe that most people who are fulfilling their purpose aren’t even aware of it. They just live and exist and do whatever they feel like doing.
You don’t need to do anything extraordinary or public or super fancy at all. Everything you choose to do in this life will be perfectly fine. All I’m saying is that if you’re actively looking for answers why you are here, aligning with your higher self might help you on your path.

Sometimes your soul doesn’t even want you to know your life’s purpose or not right away. It wants to explore, and it wants you to learn all the lessons you need to learn before you can find your answers. There is no time frame for these lessons.

How to align with your Higher Self

The best way to align with your Higher Self is to listen. What does your soul want to tell you? What thoughts have been nagging on your mind? What suppressed emotions have been wanting to be expressed by you, yet you haven’t allowed them to surface? Whenever you’re unaligned, you will most likely unexplainably restless, like something about your life isn’t quite right. Maybe you’ll even feel anxious or lost.

But you’ve always got the answer already inside of you. You were born with all the knowledge you need, and you just have to relearn how to tap into it. This can literally happen overnight, or it can also become a lifelong process.

I prefer to tap into my own universe of knowledge and wisdom by meditating. I love to sit down in silence where I can’t be disturbed, put on my headphones, and listen to binaural beats (just look them up on the internet), and then I breathe deeply into my heart space. Thoughts might come up. Emotions. Feelings. Images. I let it all come and go and wash over me. And I try not to make any sense of the messages I get because sometimes they can come in riddles or symbols, but I take note of it all.

As soon as I get out of meditation, I will write down everything I felt, saw or experienced, every single little detail. And if something doesn’t make sense, I will look up its spiritual meaning online. This is a process that I repeat daily.

I also use Tarot or Oracle cards, as you can read in THIS post.

Whenever you align with your Higher Self, you will feel a surge of energy, wisdom, or even enlightenment – like a confirmation or answer to your questions. Sometimes these confirmations come in the form of subtle shivers on your skin. Other times it’s a sudden profound knowledge that everything will turn out fine, no matter your current circumstances. It will be noticeable because it’s when you simply know that you’re on the right path.

Questions to ask yourself

What do I feel called to do?
What whispers have I been ignoring for too long?
Is there a place that’s calling where my soul wants me to go?
Is there a relationship I need to end or begin?
Do I feel happy and content in my life? If not – what aspects need improvement?

Love & stardust,

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