To care for yourself is very important, especially when your body needs time to heal.
This is something that I’ve learned in the last few months.

It felt so great to step out into the sun last weekend. As I walked in the first warm spring light of the year, I felt so free and well this first time in 2018 with open shoes and a shoulder free dress.

When life happens…

It has been a little bit silent here, and many of my plans have been crossed because I fell down the stairs and ruptured the ligaments around my left ankle a few weeks ago in February.
I’ve had a long and painful recovery since then, but lucky me – the bones weren’t harmed.
Lucky me that I was able to work from my home office.
Lucky me that my car is an automatic car, so I was able to drive anyway when I needed to. (It’s the little things.)
And lucky me that it’s only a temporary annoyance and nothing serious.

…it happens

What bugged me the most was the fact that I couldn’t teach or even do Yoga anymore for a longer time. Two weeks after the incident I went to the studio again and unfavorably decided to teach while sitting in the front, solely giving instructions – which was a whole new challenge for me and also my students.

I still need to take it very slow and be careful. My body literally has been on high tension though and I’m looking forward to do jumps etc. very soon again.

I don’t want to come off pitiable because I’m complaining a little. Instead I want to lead the focus towards the things that I’ve discovered during the past few weeks as I’ve had a lot of time to think and contemplate while I literally had to put up my feet and give myself rest to heal.

Read on if you want to know what I did to actually benefit from my ‘forced break’. So here’s my list on how to care for yourself when you need to recover.

How to care for yourself when your body needs to heal
  • It’s all about the food
    Eat good food (the right, nourishing and healthy kind of food). Have food delivered to your home. Get spoiled by your loved ones (and say thank you for all the things they do for you). Cook. Even if you have to sit down to prepare food, it can still be a very grounding experience. Take your time to really enjoy the food you eat, instead of devouring it like probably most of the time in everyday life.
  • Delete the word ‘stress’ from your life
    Because honestly, you can’t afford it when you’re in the middle of any recovery. So for once, you’re officially allowed to de-stress, and to finally take things slow.
  • Me-Time
    When was the last time you did something for yourself or ask yourself ‘What do I really want?` ‘What do I need to be happy right now?’ – NOW is the time to spend time with yourself and FOR yourself.
  • Sleep well
    There’s nothing better than a long and good night sleep. If you’re knocked out anyway, don’t force yourself to stay up or to watch a screen – let your pillow be your best friend for the next couple of hours (without feeling bad about it!) to restore your powers, and to heal yourself in your sleep.
  • Make lists and plans
    All plans begin in the now. That’s the first step you always need to take. Focus on the good stuff. As long as your body can’t be active, your mind still can be. If you’re having a fever, of course getting some sleep would be your priority, but if you’re not ‘sick’ with a flu or something like that, you can still use the time to focus on your goals and to refine them. Positive thinking is a keyword here.

Normally I’d say: Do Yoga.

But all your body needs right now is rest. I even get really mad when participants of my classes come to the studio when they’re sick. Not only because they can infect others, but also because they’re doing the opposite of what their body tells them to do: rest. At least there are some very few very relaxing Yoga poses that I practice for myself when I’m put out of action for which you can lay down. If you’re willing to learn more about such poses I’d recommend you to search for ‚restorative Yoga‘ Youtube videos.

I’m happy to say that just today, my physiotherapist gave me the ‘go’ to do Yoga again. Big hooray! Now I’m going to become endurable for my fellow people and loved ones again! … ;)

Every ailment is a messenger

Ailments and sickness always seem to hit us when we need it the least.

Although it’s super annoying, I firmly believe that every pain or disease is there to show you something. Like a slap from the universe to really knock you out when you still wont be listening to the signs your body gives you or what you secretely know would be right to do instead. Like a hint: ‘Hey, you need to take better care of yourself.’

As I work with people a lot, here are just a few more thoughts about the connection of mind and body that I’ve discoverd and that often seem to be true:

  • A migraine can be the messenger that you’ve fed your mind with too many stressful thoughts, or that you’ve been nourishing your body with the wrong food (like hormones in meat, etc).
  • A bloated belly can be the messenger to tell you that you need to take better care of yourself. Your body and mind can’t ‘digest’ the food and emotions that you’ve been feeding it any longer.
  • An ear infection could make you want to ask youself: What is it that I don’t want to hear?
  • An inflammation of the vocal cords could symbolize the things that you should have said a long time ago and that are literally stuck in your throat
  • Pain in your hips / lower back could indicate that you’re suffering from too much emotional stress or worries
  • Pain in your upper back / shoulders could point towards the feeling that you have when you feel a lack of support

Additional words

Of course, today’s blogpost only refers to ailments and diseases that are temporary, because so far I’ve been blessed to only have suffered from ‘little things’. I cannot speak for someone with a terminate sickness or something really serious or inherent, because I don’t have that experience. But maybe even then I’d be glad if some of my tips above might help you anyway. To care for yourself is always right, no matter in what state of life you’re in.

My outfit:

‚Lace Cami Midi Prom Dress’ & ‚Cage Sphere Clutch Bag‘ by ASOS
‘La Vintage Rosé Sunglasses’ by Guillaume Marie Paris
Necklace with a real flower and plated gold by Crafty Kaya

This is no ad. I wasn’t sponsored by the mentioned brands.


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    • Elaine Valerie Reply

      Thank you very much for your sweet compliment! I appreciate it a lot :)
      All the best wishes to you!

  1. This was a lovely read. I related with it much as I may not have hurt my ankle ever but I have cancer and I often don’t give my body the time or proper healing it needs. I need to make sure I am helping my body out through the recovery process and your steps are helpful. Eating good food and resting is something I surely need to work harder on but probably the most work is needed deleting stress! Stress is a huge factor in my recovery.

    • Elaine Valerie Reply

      Thank you so much for your honest words, Danielle! I’m really happy that I could inspire you, even if just a little. I wish you all the best for your recovery my dear! Lots of love and light to you <3

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