How to align with your Core Values

Core values are your personal values that you believe in and that are important to you.
Examples of core values are respect, integrity, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, accountability, etc.

In our current society, in which we often are subjected to rules, laws, and external pressure, it’s easy to betray ourselves by not living in alignment with our core values.
We might think that something else is expected of us or try to please others by devaluing our own thoughts and opinions. This might work for a while, but we won’t be happy with that in the long run.
It is not healthy to suppress what you think or feel. It is not beneficial to live your life according to someone else’s expectations.

That’s why it’s necessary to remind ourselves of our core values.

In the following steps, I give you tips on how you can re-align with your core values:

1. Explore.

Write down what you think your core values are. When your done, move to step two to take this exercise a little further.

2. Remember.

Remember the periods of your life when you felt the most joyful, authentic, free, and abundant. This could be in any area of your life: romantically, socially, financially, health-wise. Try to really get into the vision of this memory: close your eyes and feel it, see whatever happened and let it play out, hear what you could hear, smell and notice anything you can.
And explore why this was a great time for you and what circumstances you were in, where you were, who was around you, what did you do, what did the lessons you had during that time teach you, etc.

3. Visualize a perfect scenario.

If you have trouble remembering a joyful period of your life, you could also imagine a perfect scenario. And even if you remember, it’s still a great idea to visualize it anyway.
Explore why this would be a perfect scenario for you and what would have to happen/change to get there.

4. Take notes.

Write down what you came up with.
What values are important to you?
Why are they important?
What difference could living by these values make in your life?

5. Evaluate.

What makes you currently feel misaligned?
What are the values, behaviors, or thought patterns that you might have outgrown?
What values did you maybe hold on to for too long already and can let go of today?

6. Communicate.

This is probably the most important thing: communicate your values, your boundaries, and your thoughts. Whenever someone disrespects your values or oversteps your boundaries, make sure that you communicate that in a non-offensive but firm way.
You could say something like ‚I understand that you see things differently, but here’s what I think about it…‘

7. Future vision.

Hold the vision, and remind yourself of it regularly.
How do you want to act in the future? How do you want to be treated? How can you align more with your core values?


With love and stardust,

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