The benefits of Yoga

My experience as a teacher and practitioner

Hello beautiful souls,

today I want to tell you a little more about the benefits of Yoga, and what an enormous impact Yoga can have on your life. It has changed my life for sure, besides meditation.

Also, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about my own practice, my experiences as a Yoga teacher, and I also want to list some of the benefits of Yoga. At the end of this post, I want to close with what inspires me the most about it.

Let me ask you a question:
Wouldn’t it be awesome to stay healthy and flexible as we all grow older? I think it would. Health is our greatest gift, and we only get one body. We need to take care of it and should treat it as the temple that it is.

I have been practicing Yoga since 2011, and I’ve been working as a Yoga teacher since 2016. I love this job, and what makes it even better is the fact that I could see many people reconnect with their own bodies, mind, and essence throughout the years.
What happens in a classroom is never about me, but I love it when I see people evolve and thrive like a flower.

For example, there’s this older woman who shows up every week to one of my yoga classes. I don’t know her exact age, but she must be closer to 80 than 70. She started practicing Yoga with me a little more than one year ago with not much previous experience.
At first, I was a little bit worried that the course might be too much for her, but she showed up every week on her mat, and I could watch her grow stronger and more flexible, regardless of her age.
In the meanwhile, she always chooses to practice the medium-level option of the poses, and she’s doing great. I think that this is absolutely amazing, and I’m so proud of her because she somehow became a little role model for many people in that class.

We all can hope for such energy, inspiration, and health at that age. Of course, I don’t blame it all on Yoga, but she told me that she feels so much better since she started practicing it.

It’s always the greatest gift for me when people come up to me after a course to tell me that they feel great or even better. I had people telling me that their back pain faded away after coming to my classes. This is why I do it. I love to help people helping themselves.

My story

In 2011 I was in a dark place with no idea what I want to do with my life. I heard that Yoga was a cool thing, but I had no clue at all about what it actually was. So I spontaneously signed up for a beginner’s course that was about to start 3 days later, and I went there without any expectations.

I had never done any sports before, besides using my indoor bike from time to time, and I had been eating crap for years like lots of sugar, and lots of fried, ready-to-eat fast food. No wonder that I had back pain and skin problems.
When I tried to do a forward fold, my back was arched, and I couldn’t even touch the ground with my fingertips – I’m not sure if I could reach down to my knees with a straight back at that time. I was skinny, but so out of shape physically, mentally, and also emotionally.

So I went to my first Yoga class, and I was more than surprised that Yoga was utterly different than what I had imagined it to be. I was shocked at how much I struggled with even the most basic beginner poses. In my early 20s! I realized that I had absolutely no connection at all with my own body. I had never before tried to feel my body consciously, and all these slow, mindful movements blew me away.

After practicing for a few years, I wanted to learn more about Yoga and the philosophy, so I signed up for a teacher training in 2015 and started teaching in early 2016. The teacher training itself was a significant milestone on my personal spiritual journey, as it brought me so much closer to what I actually want to do in life.

Ever since, I’ve been teaching classes every week and I truly enjoy it. Still I have to admit: sometimes I just don’t feel up to it. I mean, I’m human just like everyone else, and we all have some good and some bad days. Trying to guide someone else on a day when I feel uninspired can be tough sometimes. But every single time after teaching a class, I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to do just that because It always makes me feel great and joyful.

Let it flow

I don’t practice or teach a specific style because I’m not too fond of rules when it comes to Yoga. Yoga is a sacred practice to me, and I want it to be fun and intuitive. Life is so full of rules already, and I don’t think that Yoga should be another area full of limitations and restrictions, just because a certain style tells you to do so.

Every time before I practice, I ask my body: what do you need today?
And before every class, I tune in to the room’s energy and decide what we’re going to practice that day because no day is the same. I found out right at the beginning of my teaching career that the most thoughtfully planned classes might not work at all when the people in the room aren’t up to the poses or practices on that day. It’s a way better experience for all participants to go with the flow literally, so I always walk into a classroom with an idea and let it evolve and being shaped as we go.

I want my participants to be safe and see them leave with a smile on their face. I want them to feel good and not exhausted or drained.

The benefits of Yoga
  • It will help you become more flexible and even stronger
  • Helps to improve your overall body posture
  • Tones your muscles
  • It can help to improve respiration and blood flow
  • You will feel more connected to your physical self, as your overall energy level and vitality increase
  • Yoga can also help you to become more focussed and mentally clear
  • And it can literally bring yourself into balance
  • It will help you to become happier and more grateful for the little things in life

It’s all about mind over matter. The mental state can be easily noticed in the way someone practices

What inspires me most about Yoga

It’s the life-changing potential and the positive effect it has for men and women. I’ve seen so many people start practicing throughout the years, and most of them evolved so much and improved their lives.

Yoga has become a sacred self-care practice for me that goes way beyond the physical aspect of stretching and strengthening. It is way more than body postures or bending and twisting. It’s a purification of the energetic body through regular breathwork and energy shifting.
And by turning your gaze inwards, you will learn a lot about yourself, and also release stuck energy by opening up the body.

You’re essentially becoming stronger by becoming softer.

I hope I could inspire you a little in case you haven’t started to practice Yoga yet, and if you already are a practitioner – I wish you lots of fun and light on that beautiful journey.

Lots of love and Namasté

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