Photo: Katja Piolka / H&M: Elaine Valerie
Photo: Katja Piolka / hair & makeup: Elaine Valerie
Hey there! I’M Elaine Valerie.

I’m a media-designer, model, occasional photographer and  I’m a certified Yoga teacher (RYT® 200).

I have Swedish roots but I live close to Stuttgart in Germany.

Life itself inspires me and I like the glamorous, extraordinary, extravagant style with a touch of darkness.
I’m deeply into expressing my own being through my art, my looks, my writings and basically anything I do in life.

I wasn’t always as self-confident as I am now, and I’m still growing into a stronger person every single day. One of the reasons I decided to re-launch my blog ‘Elaine Valerie’ is that I want to share my way of life with you and the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout this journey to becoming the person that I’m now.

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My style

I’ve been modeling since 2006 and my style has evolved so much throughout these years!

I love elaborate, sparkling and dramatic designs, preferably with lots of lace, sequins, gold and glamourous adornments… ;)
The Gothic scene was my home in my teenage years, and I still feel very drawn to the style and the music today. I’m inspired by extravagance, bohemian looks, the vintage style, the occult, the spiritual, the gloomy and anything ‘over-the-top’ and extraordinary. But after all I’d describe my style as overly sensual and female.

When we speak of haute couture designers – I love the designs of: Zuhair Murad, Ziad Nakat, Versace, Elie Saab. You get the picture… ;)

And as my mood changes, so does my style. Daily. I’m a real Cancer when it comes to the moodiness. Besides, if you read the general description of this zodiac sign, then you must know that this is a 100% accurate description of me..! ;)

Photo: The Vintage Romance (
Photo: The Vintage Romance (
Some important things that I’ve leaned throughout the years:
  • Finally I can embrace the fact that I don’t fit in any box – never did, never will – because I only follow my own style, trends and taste for fashion. With my blog I want to inspire you to be able to do the same! 
  • I learned to embrace that I don’t follow trends, but I make my own for myself.
  • I just have learned and I’m not afraid anymore to embrace my own femininity completely and to celebrate it. You might see that on my photos here… ;)
  • To go with the flow means nothing more than to be open for change. Change is the only thing that’s constant! So are our moods, tastes, likes and dislikes in life, too.
  • It took me ages to accept that I don’t need to ‚choose‘ a single aspect of my passions, but instead to embrace them all and to integrate them in my life. Shutting something out can never lead to wholeness.


Photo: Annie Bertram / Outfit: Royal Black Couture / Wig: Pavy Creations / Makeup: Elaine Valerie
Photo: Annie Bertram / Outfit: Royal Black Couture / Wig: Pavy Creations / Makeup: Elaine Valerie

I love life and to discover new things, I love to travel, to philosophize and to do anything that opens my mind. I’ve been into meditation and spirituality since more than 15 years and I read anything that I can grasp about these topics.
I have learned that the more you focus on happiness, and on being guided by the own heart, the more doors will open up that will lead you to understand your true self better.

Since I started my own Yoga practice in early 2012, magnificent miracles have been happenening inside of me. One of

them is that my heart opened up to the unlimited possibilities we all have in life – as long as we are willing to see and take them.

On this blog I want to inspire you to open up to the endless possibilities of life, too.

So thank you for being here!
I wish you a nice stay on my website :)


See my modeling-portfolio here.
Or get in touch with me here.

Dark Wood of Secrets - With Black Spirit X. Photo: Elaine Valerie
Dark Wood of Secrets – With Black Spirit X. Photo: Elaine Valerie