3 powerful ways to start your day

Did you ever notice that the way you start your day often sets the mood for the whole day?

Mornings are a sacred time and can be used for powerful intentions. That’s because each day you can begin with a new project, start anew, and make a difference.

It can be tough sometimes to start your day with positivity and motivation, especially when you’re in a phase of your life that’s less enjoyable. 
But anyway, you can do something about it to change your mindset, which will inevitably help to uplift your mood.

Self-care first

Take some time to care for yourself exclusively, even if that means that you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier – it will be worth it. The more time you invest in yourself, the more energy you will have to give to yourself and others.

What would be the most loving way for yourself to start your day? Is it sitting in silence, sipping on your coffee, and reading a book? Is it meditation? Or is it making yourself a nutritious, healthy breakfast? Do whatever nourishes your soul, body, and mind.


Affirmations are a super powerful tool that you can use to program your subconscious mind. They don’t take much time and can be repeated throughout the day as well.
 Affirmations are statements that you’re telling yourself repeatedly until your subconscious mind believes them to be the ‘truth.’

These affirmations can sound like the following:
‘I am successful. I am confident. I am expressing my truth. I am strong. I am decisive. I love myself.’

Use only affirmations that feel true and resonate with you, yet aren’t set too low. If ‘I love myself’ feels untrue to you, start with ‘I like myself when I…’, and then try to increase the meaning of the words every day.

Set one personal goal for the day

It’s essential to have goals in life – the little ones, as well as the big ones. It can be something simple as a vacation or finishing a course with a good grade, and as huge as a marriage, writing a book or finishing university. Keep your goals visible, and try to remind yourself of your goals every day. What do you want to achieve on that day? What do you want to accomplish this week?

If you lose sight of your goals, you will most likely forget about them after a while or feel discouraged. But if you remind yourself of them every day, like making them visible on a vision board on your wall, you will feel more inspired to go for what you want, as you’re pulling it into your reality every time you see it.

Love & stardust,

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