It’s not hard to see that I spent a wonderful time on the Seychelles – which truly makes one accomplished life goal. Together with my man I explored the extraordinary island La Digue and I’m still stunned by the beauty of its nature. The beaches were like a dream – perfect, and hard to decide which one of them is the most beautiful one. Palm trees with coconuts reach horizontally into the ocean, the water has the perfect temperature and is tuquoise blue, it’s hot and the surrounding gives you a feeling of endless summer.
Even the photos almost didn’t need any filter or correction at all.

I noticed the strong smells of the island’s nature and the loud noise of the ocean. Strong currents and waves hit the raw, uniquely formed rocks. Many animals seemed to be unaware of the fear of humans – wild crabs, birds, dogs and colorful fishes stole some cookies out of our hands. Giant tortoises, chickens and cows can be met in the middle of the ‘streets’, and turtles and rays can be run across underwater.
This island can be explored via bicycle and it’s so wonderful to be at a place almost without any cars. There are nice people everywhere and locals with interesting stories to tell. Yes, it was dreamlike…

Of course I used the chance to practice Yoga by the beach daily. Or to meditate during sunset on the balcony. I’m still surprised how ‘grounding’ the energy of the island felt during meditation. The raw and everlasting nature has got a taste of ‘eternity’ – you almost get the feeling that time works differently there, maybe doesn’t pass by at all.
We enjoyed the luxury of not having any internet or other form of communication at all for two weeks, and we just enjoyed living in the now from moment to moment. Without any news or external thoughts, without any rush or stress. We allowed the greatest problem to be which beach should be visited first today.

Another experience was that Yoga in the sand is a truly challenging task. Especially when the sand constantly is being whashed away beneath the fingers by the ocean while you’re trying to hold a pose… The constant heat and high air humidity make Yoga a little harder to practice there than at home on the familiar mat. But at least there was the possibilitly to ‘cool off’ in the bathtub that was called the Indian Ocean…

I would have loved to visit the Yoga class of the island that’s supposed to take place twice a week. But I already found out during the arrival that the class won’t take place at all. On the ferry from the main island Mahé to Praslin I sat beside a local woman and we startet talking to each other. I asked her if she ever heard of that Yoga class and she told me that she’s the owner of the hotel in which it usually takes place. She also told me that the teacher is on pregnancy leave right now.
Sad, but after all… how interesting that I was supposed to sit beside that particular woman, when I already had it planned out at home? This is another evidence for me: there simply are no coincidences :)

It’s a beautiful place that’s absolutely worth a visit, even when the long journey there and back home is an adventure on it’s own…

Yoga-photos & underwater photos by Black Spirit X (
Bracelets by Isabelle Gloria Design


(This post was originally published on my nowadays closed Yoga-blog ‘Unlocked Heart’ in April 2016)

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