The Blue of the Ocean

Oh what a view… The endless blue ocean at the horizon and the soft and warm sand beneath my feet. Sometimes I feel like I need a ‘stop’-button for time, even if just for a little while…
I just came back home from my summer vacation with Black Spirit X, and on our way home we spent some spontaneous extra-holidays in our holidays at the Baltic Sea… :)
I have never seen an ocean being calm like this ever before, so it was a wonderful and astonishing sight. Too bad that I don’t get to see the ocean more often at all.
We loved this calm moment at the beach. It was the perfect light and warmth for these photos and we spent a perfect day there playing with cheeky seagulls and later in the afternoon we even got our little sunbath as the sun came out.
I hope you’re enjoying your summer time as well!
Love and sandy kisses,
Elaine Valerie
All photos taken by Black Spirit X ( )