Hello dear readers and summer nostalgics!
As we all might have noticed now: summer is officially over. The days might still be warm sometimes, but as we look out of our windows in the early morning, we can witness the first wafts of mist lingering over the cold ground. But this also means that the time for a beautiful, colorful landscape is about to come, and we can’t wait to see the nature turning into all shades of fire-colors. But until then, we officially want to say goodbye to summer until the next year with this blogpost.
In June 2014 I’ve been on vacation with Black Spirit X in the south of Sweden , and we took many photos there, too. We stayed at a perfectly vintage inspired, red little cottage in the middle of the woods, furnished with blue and white interior. We spent some time down by the lake, trying to carefully put our toes into the cold water, enjoying the sound of singing birds in the calm nature, and we took long walks through the woods, inhaling a perfectly clean and fresh air.
In case you’re ever going to travel to Sweden, here’s a little tip for you: there’s an interesting ‘cemetery’ for junk heap cars called ‘Kyrkö Mosse’, which you can find close to the city Ryd in the middle of the forest. It’s been closed in the late 1980s, but the oldtimers are still there – withering and overrun with moss and nature, and all that is left is a strange, abandoned place with demolished, wrecked cars. Of course we took the opportunity to take some photos there, too!
Enjoy the images.
And now we say: Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

Last but not least: HERE’s a direct link to some more Sweden-impressions, beautifully documented and taken by Black Spirit X.
(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on September 22nd 2014)

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