We struggle every day to fit in – we want to do the right thing, to do the things we should do, to be who we should be according to a system or society, or to anyone else but ourselves. But is that really what we want? Or is it just what others want us to do? Is this really our passion?

This made me think a lot over the last few years, perhaps even all my life. I came to the conclusion long ago that I don’t want to ‚fit in‘, and that I never would, because I believe there is ‘more’.
More to get out of life and more if you’re doing what you really ‚want‘ to do, instead of trying to impress others.


Do you really ‘live’?

In my opinion most people are just living day by day without seeing anything special in the fact that they’re alive, or they are stuck in a daily routine without even noticing, almost like being blindfolded. Some of them are utterly unhappy without even really noticing, without knowing what’s missing in their lives. Mostly when stuck in a daily routine, we don’t think or feel, we just do what we do, because ‚it’s just like that‘. Have you ever asked yourself why or if this is what you really want? Once you start questioning yourself like ‘am I really happy’ it might feel like a relief if you come up with the idea that you maybe need to make some changes in your life.

I mean – dramatically spoken – there are millions of stars and galaxies out there, (who knows how many of them might be inhabited, too), there are endless lightyears of distance in between the stars and we’re in the middle of this nowhere on a tiny little planet. I think this is miraculous. And now we just came all this way here to pay bills, taxes and to make money? Really… No, this can’t be it. There must be more important stuff beyond all this.

Sure, there are some rules that need to be followed here on earth to live a ‘normal’ life. But instead of following alleged guidelines blindly, I decided to make up my own mind about what I personally really want in life. And this doesn’t include doing what others expect me to do in order to fit in a given scheme. It isn’t believing what media or governments try to make me believe.
And it definitely isn’t trying to impress strangers with things or actions that I’m not convinced of.

Envy is something that blinds us, too. To compare yourself to others is like poison as it corrodes you from the inside because you can never be anyone else than yourself. And you couldn’t be better, because the person you are is the best possible person you can be. Once everyone realizes that we all can start from a better place.

I personally focus on positive thoughts now and try to follow my heart completely as it has never led me wrong. I choose to do things that make me happy instead of struggling for appreciation by people who don’t even care or who are slaves to a society. I believe that everyone has a purpose and a life path that he or she should follow to fulfill that purpose. And this path is shown by our desires and our passions.


That spark inside of you – A feeling called passion

I’m pretty sure that you’ve felt that little spark of joy deep inside of you from time to time, hopefully at least once. That spark that ignited a bright fire in you when you did something you absolutely loved, when you created something, when you did something out of intuition ignoring your warning mind, when you did something that fulfilled you completely with happiness and that couldn’t be explained by rational thoughts. Maybe it was something crazy. Maybe you spoke your truth by choosing to say some words you should have said long ago and this was the best thing you ever could have done. Maybe you fell in love with a hobby that seems to be more than one. Maybe you have the deep desire to help people in need or to ‚do something good‘ to change the world, even if it’s just little things you might be able to do.

This feeling is called passion, and it’s a call – a call to follow that path of your passion to find more of that spark and eventually the light. To do something that’s igniting your inner fire and invigorating your happiness.

If you feel like you should follow that call of your heart, then change something. The earlier, the better. Take small steps, but start now.


Don’t get discouraged

Don’t get fooled by your thoughts or fears if you want to break out of routine. There will be some obstacles and distractions along the way.
It might be just a thought of possible failure or the fear of being judged by others or being looked at like a total weirdo when you stop following the usual pattern. But it feels like freedom once you do. This can even be the little things, like a new hobby that makes you happy or making and creating something that none else would, and just because YOU like it.

If you’re going in the direction where your true passion lies, there are no more worries. There can’t be. There are no doubts.
Always choose the path where your heart wants to lead you. It’s your inner voice guiding you to the light and happiness.

These were just a few thoughts about finding the light.

Love and all the best,


[ All photos by Black Spirit X (www.bsx-world.com) – Sweden / Edit by Elaine Valerie. ]


(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on September 22nd 2015)

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