Published Articles in Magazines

I’m very happy to write this post today.
My beloved project ‘The Vintage Romance’ with Isabelle Gloria is growing and it feels like a little reward for all the hard work that our articles and photos have been printed in 3 magazines in only 2 months so far. We spent many hours doing the hair and makeup, making the photos on our own and editing them. So we can tell that we’re some happy girls right now! :)

I already gave you a little hint in THIS post, and now here’s a little peek inside the magazines:



♥ Der Vintage Flaneur

Ausgabe 3 / February 2014 (Germany)

5 pages article and photos ‘Die goldenen 20er – Von glanzvollen Damen und harten Zeiten’


♥ Pink Bow City Magazine 

issue #11 / February 2014 (USA / Los Angeles)

2 pages article and photos ‘My lovely Valentine’




♥ Pink Bow City Magazine

issue #10 / January 2014 (USA / Los Angeles)

6 pages article and photos ‘Beauty Essentials’