On Top of the World

Midsummer nights in Sweden – 
Endless light, endless days, the darkness fades away into almost nothing and the nature seems to be  awake all the time.

When it’s 3 am, and you can hear birds croaking all over the silent lake, and when the forests are full of life and blossoms, then it must be midsummer. It’s amazing to be awake in the middle of the night and it’s always bright outside. I love this feeling of endless Swedish summer.
The not so funny (and really annoying) thing about it are the millions of mosquitos waiting to poke through your skin, trying to eat you alive… ;) But that’s just a little price to pay for a moment on top of the world like this.
During our last vacation in this wonderful country Black Spirit X and I went on top of a huge rock in the middle of the forest, and we got rewarded with a breathtaking view all over the stunning landscape.


All photos by Black Spirit X / Småland – Sweden.

Dress by Gina Tricot.
Jewelry from my private collection.