Nights between the years

Setting intentions for the New Year by using the nights between the years

A few days ago, after teaching my Yoga class that day, one of my students came up to me and we got to talk about the upcoming 12 nights between the years, starting on December 24th until January 6th, and about different ancient rituals that anyone can make to set intentions for the upcoming year.

He told me about a wonderful ritual that I really want to share with you today!

It’s all about setting intentions for each of the 12 months.


Here’s how you do it
  • You start before or on December 24th.
  • You write down 13 wishes, each on a single piece of paper, so you will get 13 pieces of paper with your wishes.
  • Meditate on your wishes and vizualize them
  • After that you fold the little papers.
  • On every night after that, starting on December 24th, you pick one of them and burn it, releasing your wish to the universe (without looking at it or knowing which one wish it was).
  • You only burn 12 wishes in the upcoming 12 nights.
  • The last wish – the 13th wish – will be left, and you can take a look at it in the 13th night from the 5th to the 6th January. This will be the one wish that you will have to grant or fulfill yourself. The other 12 wishes are said to be taken care of by the universe. ;)


And every upcoming month you can observe if any of your wishes has been granted – and find out which one it was. Or if your personal topic of the month could have something to do with one of your wishes, so the universe wants to point you in a certain direction…

Isn’t this a beautiful idea? I’m definitely going to do this little ritual.


It’s all about focus

If you don’t believe in any of this, nor in the universe ‘helping’ you in any way, then try to see it this way instead:

It’s all about your focus. Energy flows where attention goes. And when you intentionally write down your wishes, you’re dealing with your innermost self, expressing it on paper. You make it ‘visible’ and tangible for yourself by writing it down, black on white, which is even more than just having a brief thought about your wish or intention. It’s a way to make it real. And besides – fire looks pretty, doesn’t it? ;)


Your rituals

Do you have any rituals that you do every single year? Or any other ‘intention setting’ things that you do? Or do you have any good intentions that you want to share?

Let me know about them!


Have a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones and happy intention-setting,

(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on December 23rd 2017)

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