New York City

Last February I visited New York for two weeks and spent a wonderful time there!

From all the cities that I have seen so far, New York still is my favorite one. So much life and so many possibilities!
It’s already been my fifth visit there and it’s still not getting boring!
Two weeks full of skyscrapers, excitement, impressions, interesting people, uncountable yellow cabs, and as a big bonus we got into a
huge snowstorm ‘Nemo’ with icy winds that brought the city halfway to a standstill…
Before it’s (maybe finally) turning warm and Summer I want to show you my pictures from the city, because they remind of winter!
I hope you like them anyway, even though we’re having spring… ;)


He doesn’t care about the cold at all…
My model: Black Spirit X
Ice vs. New York / Top of the Rock
Times Square
. : :.
Snowstorm ‘Nemo’
Photo by Black Spirit X