Midnight Vintage Makeup

I hope you had a great start into the new year :)
Some days ago – it was late at night – and after a long photo shoot for ‘The Vintage Romance‘, I was sleepy and already on my way to bed, but you know… that plan didn’t exactly work out.
Maybe some of you girls know this awkward situation: you’re standing there with a cotton pad in your hand, fully soaked with makeup-remover, ready to be used – and then you look into the mirror and have to admit, ‘damn, my makeup still looks pretty good, even after this long day…  Too bad that it’s bedtime, what a waste’. And after brushing your hair, it seems to lay unreasonably perfect on your shoulders, too.
That was exactly what happened when I decided to take some quick closeups of the makeup before I finally removed it and went to sleep.
These photos are the outcome of my little spontaneous ‘makeup-and-hair-documentation’, right before midnight… ;)



Here’s how I did this look:
A well covering foundation and matte powder, some rouge and precisely drawn eyebrows are the basics for a perfect vintage makeup. I added a silver shimmering eyeshadow on my eyelids and a little darker tone along the crease and under the eyes. Then I applied a deep black eyeliner, defining a long and pointy wing. To emphasize the line, I drew a white line under it in the corner of my eyes and also on the waterline to ‘open’ the eyes a little more. Adding some extra lashes are a little top secret… ;)
For the perfect finish I put on a delicate red lipstick and a little drop of shimmering lipgloss right in the middle of the lower lip to make it a little more shiny.
The hair was simply done by rolling up damp strands with sponge rollers the night before and by brushing out the dry curls gently on the next morning, fixating it all with some hairspray and maybe some bobby pins to keep the shape in place.