Today’s blogpost is dedicated to the topic ‚Transformation‘.

I don’t wake up looking gracefully. I feel like I never do.
Most often I wake up with puffy eyes, pale skin and my hair looking worse than a bird’s nest.
But you know what? We all do. Isn’t that comforting? :)

I admit that I do have bad skin or dark shadows underneath my eyes sometimes that make me look like a ghost, and all in all, I can feel chronically tired, too. But that’s ok. Because I know that I’m able do things that will ‚transform‘ me from that state of mind and body, and take myself to the next level.

We can do whatever we need to do to make ourselves feel better. (And we even don’t need to remain a scarecrow, like in my example above… ;) )

After my first Matcha drink in the morning I can begin feeling ‚awake‘ and powerful again, even more so if I have had the time for my early Yoga practice.
Of course, then there are these miracle tools like makeup and a hair brush that can work some magic on the outside, too, but today I primarily want to talk about the transformations that are going on on the inside.

Every single day we are given new opportunities. Every day brings new chances. Every day can be a blessing to start over. Every day we have the choice to make a difference. Every day we can decide where we want to go in our life.


The legend of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that lived in the Arabian desert. And every time when it felt its own death coming closer, it willingly consumed itself over and over again in flames to die in them, just to be reborn again from its own ashes, always taking on a new form.

The Phoenix symbolizes reincarnation, resurrection, immortality, indestructible spirit and the eternal life of the soul, but also the willingness to be open to change, transformation, transition and rebirth, and to accept the natural cycles of life and death.


The cycle as a pattern

For example, in everyday life we can see this pattern of the Phoenix in relationships, at work or in our own interests.

How many times did you have to live through a break-up, only to find out that it made you stronger afterwards? How many times did you have to start a new job just to find out that you have lots of experience now? How many times did something spark your interest and the old ‚thing‘ wasn’t as fun anymore, but you still know all about it now?

That’s called life. And in our big cycle of life there are uncountable more small cycles of their own that work by this pattern of birth – life – death – rebirth.

We learn and experience, we live through it, we let go and we always find something new.


Using the cycle

Let’s take these thoughts a little further: what if we’re not a slave to the cycle that we are currently in?
What if we can willingly choose to let an old cycle of these smaller cycles in life go, just to force our own ‚rebirth‘ to become someone ‚new‘ again, which could lead us directly on our way to our own purpose?

Let’s get inspired by the Phoenix, who never is afraid of the consuming flames. Who instead boldly gives itself away to the fire of transformation, because it knows that something new will always come.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • I don’t know anymore how many times I’ve reinvented myself during the past few years. If you only take a look through the archives of my blogs, you will get a tiny litte idea when it comes to looks.
    I’m a model for vintage, retro, pinup, alternative and fashion. I’m also a proud couch potatoe. I’m a Yoga teacher. I’m a Yoga student. I’m a daughter. I’m a partner. I’m withdrawn. I’m bold. I’m chuckling. I’m brooding. I’m a hermit although I like being on stage. I’m shy and I’m also outgoing.
    Every day I’m someone else and I have learned to live with this fact. It’s OK to feel different every day. I have so many aspects of me – like anyone else does – but I’m not afraid any longer to show these aspects. Every day another one.
  • After a few years of Yoga practice I suddenly woke up one day with the wish and intention to become a Yoga teacher. I had many people trying to tell me back then ‚Why would you want to do that, you already have a job‘, ‚You’re too old (!) to start over‘, or ‚That’s a stupid idea‘, – but can something that I felt burning so deeply in the bottom of my heart ever be a mistake? I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to them, and that I stepped into this new cycle. And now I live one of my dreams by teaching Yoga. (Soon I will tell you a little more about how that all happened in an upcoming blogpost, so keep an eye on this blog… ;) )
  • ‚Putting yourself in a box‘ can be a form of ‚stagnation‘. Holding on to anything won’t give you any security in life, ever. Instead, it will only drain you from life, as you prevent your creative life force from moving you in the right direction.
  • Even a deep, dark emotional abyss after a period of unwanted failure only brings new opportunities.
    Always remember: when you fall into a pitch-black hole you only crash hard at the bottom to be able to bounce back up again, but this time higher, faster and better.


Why losing interest isn’t a bad thing

Did you ever reach a goal and suddenly you lost interest in the accomplished? Or you were on your way towards that goal, and one day you woke up, feeling like you have lost your interest in aiming for it completely?

The first step is to acknowledge these feelings. And to understand that it’s okay to feel that way. We all have these shifts. One day you can burn for something, and on the other day you just don’t anymore. Nothing’s wrong about that. You simply reached a new stage of your life and the old life served its purpose (probably you learned a lot on this way, too), and now you are free again to find something new.
You can let this old form of you die now and recreate yourself completely. Isn’t that wonderful? Think about all the possibilities.

When I personally burn for a new interest, style or habit, I decide to give myself willingly and completely to it, even if that means that some old part or aspect of me needs to die. And I only do so as long as I really burn for it, until I find something else to burn for. This can be a job, a lifestyle, a habit, a taste of music or anything else.

It’s about manifesting the will of your soul. It’s about following the voice inside of you. It’s about expressing yourself.


My message today

Create your own life, over and over again!
To understand that we all have the power to create our own life with every new cycle that comes along is a wonderful and empowering gift of creation. It’s taking responsibility for our own life instead of living it by coincidence or by the rules of others.

Let’s break out from our old, outlived patterns and create ourselves new, even if this means that an old part or aspect of us needs to die for it. Even if that means that we have to reinvent ourselves over and over again.

Just express yourself truthfully, don’t be afraid to show that ‚new self’ to the people who know you. If they really love you, they will stay and understand.

Become who you’ve always wanted to be and start now by taking baby-steps towards this goal. It’s a wonderful idea to take some time (if only a few minutes over a morning coffee) to set intentions of transformation for the rest of the day or the week.


These questions could also help you to invite a new cycle into your life:

Who do I want to be?
What do I love (to do)?
What do I want to let go of?


Be bold in everything to do and don’t be afraid to rise from the ashes many times.

Lots of love,
your Phoenix, a.k.a.

(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on November 7th 2017)


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