Hello Lovelies!
I want to tell you about my new hot-curler set today! You can see the result of my first try ever on the pictures above. I’m really surprised how shiny and smooth my hair is!
I can say that I’ve already tried out many methods when it comes to making curls, and I’m still learning and practicing. There have been more or less good tries, unsuccessful attempts and also some surprises, and now I want to share my experiences with you, talking about different ways how to get curls into my naturally straight, long hair.

Hot rollers

Remington Ionic Rollers, including clips and pins
Using hot rollers is the latest technique I’ve tried out, so I’ve only used it a few times, yet. But so far I’ve been delighted about the good result of these hot rollers. Of course it takes a little practice to set the curlers into your dry hair, but it’s a very easy way with a very shiny outcome.
The trick is to let the rollers cool down completely while they’re in the hair so that the heat really can set the curls. I wait 1-2 hours until they’re really cool before I take them out. Then I simply brush through my hair with a soft brush to give the curls a nice shape and use a little hairspray on top to make them shine even more. I guess I will get another set of these heat rollers and only use the small ones and leave out the big ones completely. This way the curls are becoming smaller. P.S.: This is even a tip by Dita Von Teese… ; )

Curling iron

Remington Pro Spiral Curl Tong, 19mm // Simple, flat hair clips by Parsa Beauty
After having tried out many curling irons in different sizes, I now use a 19 mm curling iron, and I’m really happy with it. It’s important to use heat-protection-spray on your hair before you start working with a curling iron, so it won’t get damaged too much. Also, some special heat-protection gloves can be useful, if you’re as talented as I am when it comes to burning your fingers with the iron… Just believe me when I say: ouch, you don’t want to do that.
I curl up small strands of hair, release the iron after a few seconds, but won’t let the curls fall down. Instead, I roll them up again with my fingers, pin them to my head with flat hair clips and let my hair cool down for about an hour. It’s a quick way to achieve shiny curls once you’ve brushed through them and merged them together with a soft hairbrush.

Bendable foam curlers

Jumbo Curlers, bendable foam rollers
This is a no-heat-overnight-method. These are foamy rollers with a bendable wire in the middle. You simply have to roll up your damp hair on the rollers before you go to sleep, bend them, and then you will wake up with tight curls in the morning. In my opinion, and for my hair, this method is the most effective one and the curls really last and last and last. The only problems are the flyaways and the frizz that comes with this curling method. Also, sleeping on about 10-15 of these curlers isn’t really the most enjoyable or glamorous thing either. But to achieve long lasting, tight curly curls, I always use these wired foam rollers.
It really depends on what look you want to achieve: if you’re going for some more wild curls, or rather for some soft, shiny waves, and it also depends on how much time you have. So how you’re curling your hair is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong, and in the explained techniques above I just describe how I do it.
So dear readers, that was my little description of how I make curls. What methods have you tried out? Which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear about your experiences and how you do your hair when it comes to curls.
All the best,
(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on February 25th 2014)

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