Hello Sunshines, Dark Ladies and Vampire girls out there : )
Sometimes I simply love dark looks and dramatic makeup. And that it’s totally OK to celebrate a little black from time to time, isn’t it? Occasonally a dark makeup can even fit glamorous lady nights or festive occasions.
Today I want to tell you in my step by step tutorial how to achieve a makeup look that’s still ‘PinUp’, yet has a dark and gloomy twist. 
  • First I apply a good skincare underneath my makeup. That’s always important, because dry skin never looks good. A light powder gives my skin a matte finish. I add some highlighter underneath my eyes and dab a bronze-colored blush on my cheeks.
  • I brush my eyebrows until their form is a little pointy and straight. I trace the edges with a light brown eyebrow-pencil and try not to make them too dark, as I’m blonde. I fill them with a light brown eyeshadow and use a transparent eyebrow-gel on top of it to keep the eyebrows in shape.
  • For the eye-makeup I use a very light, silver-white eyeshadow all over my eyelid, and also dab a little underneath the highest point of my eyebrows. A thick black eyeliner is the key for a retro-look.
  • So far, so good, this is how I start every regular Pinup-makeup. I normally don’t use dark shades in my crease, if at all I’d use a light to medium dark shade. But to achieve a little darker look than my usual one, I apply a black eyeshadow along the line of the crease with a thin brush and also a little along the bottom eyelid. I use a medium grey color to blend it all very well with a blending brush, so the edges become smooth and blurred. The perfect finish for the eye-makeup are the lashes. It can be a little tricky to find the perfect form and length at first. After having tried out many different shapes and sizes, I prefer to use medium-length lashes that are curved outwards. Especially the longer ones are great for darker makeup.
  • Gothic looks are a little mystic and shady, but still, red lips are a MUST. No red lips are not ‘Pinup’ to me, and the bright red color creates a great highlight in the middle of all the black makeup and the clothes.
  • My nails are painted with a bloodred nailpolish today, matching the color of my red roses-necklace.
  • I did no curls today and left my hair straight. I just rolled it up in the front and did two victory rolls on the sides of my head. Instead of colorful hairflowers, I choose black flowers for this look today.
And voilà, that’s my finished ‘Gothic-Pinup’-look!
(This post was originally published on The Vintage Romance on May 20th 2015)

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