Hello there dear reader! Today’s post is all about your daily habits.

I have a favor to ask.

Could you please look into the mirror today and really look at yourself and find at least 5 things that you like about you? And then please really explore these things, dive into them and give yourself a big smile for each? Thank you!

So this already was the first habit that could change your life. This little exercise can help you to change your self-perception from a rather negative one to a more positive one, which will lead to a better mood and more self confidence, because you focus on your strengths instead of on your weaknesses and flaws.

Consistency is the key

There were phases when I had a hard time to feel motivated or feel good. I was done with feeling moody, so I asked my friend Google and many books for tips on how to become more happy. And I found a lot on this topic. The following habits are the ones that I’ve integrated into my life the most (sometimes more, sometimes less) – and whenever I feel that I’m having a hard time, these are my go-to habits to practice daily.

As with everything in life – consistency is the key though, because you ‘train’ your brain and your mind to get used to these positive daily habits. If you only do it once or twice it won’t have as much effect as if you choose to ‘train’ yourself to allow these good feelings that come up while practicing to strengthen your mind.

I hope this list will give you some inspiration, too! :)


6 Daily habits that will influence your life in a positive way

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and find at least 5 traits about you that you like. Take notes, write them down and read them right before going to bed. Find new traits every single day. This kind of self-reflection will open up doors to you to see yourself from a new perspective, because you look at the real you from a different angle.
  2. Write a gratitude journal – While you’re taking your notes about the traits that you like, you could add some lines such as ‘Today I’m grateful for…’, ‘Thank you for…’ – It will raise your mood and vibe at the same time, because again, you focus on the positive! You can be even grateful for the negative things, like ‘Thank you for this lesson. Now I know so much more and I won’t make the same mistake again.’
  3. Set your goals for the week – Right on Monday you could spend 10 minutes to make a list with ‘important’ plans for the week, including the goals you want to achieve. This could look like this (in my example finding a collaboration partner):
    ‘On Monday I will do some research about possible budiness partners in my area and collect emails.’
    ‘On Wednesday I will have finished the corresponding cover letter.’
    ‘By Friday I will have partnered up with brand XY.’
    >>  Set your goals high! It might not ‘happen’ after all, but if you set your goals low from the start, you will never be able to aim higher. Sounds reasonable, right?
    And every day you can ‘check off’ a goal of the day, or maybe take notes what you could do better the next time if it didn’t work out.
  4. Nourish your body with the right things! Striking example: Would you fill your car with the worst kind of engine oil or gasoline? I bet you wouldn’t – ever.  Why? Because it endangers the unbrokenness of your car. So why would you give your body (and you only have this one and can’t buy a new one!) some ‘fuel’ that endangers your health? Just for example – it has been scientifically proven that too much sugar can lead to depression. Time to discard it from the menu! You are what you eat, and you only have one body. So better take care of it, right?
    I will publish a little more detailed post about this topic in the future, because I’ve spent the last few years on finding a diet that works for me 100% and which led to more health and wellbeing (less colds, less inflammations, less skin-breakouts.)
    You can try to do the best for your body every single day. Don’t be too strict with your limitations, but act in a way that shows respect for your own body
  5. Be kind! – Smile at and say hi to a stranger, offer your help if you see a situation (don’t wait for anybody else to make a move), hold the door open, let someone else come first, support somebody else. But most important of all: be kind to yourself! – Ask yourself constantly ‘Is what I’m doing right now a kind act towards myself?’ Would I talk to someone else like I talk to myself? (e.g.: ‘I’m so stupid’ – would you say that to a stranger? Why to yourself then?). Just realize how others react when you show kindness: most often they’ll smile back at you! So you will be spreading some good vibes into the world by being kind, even if just for a little moment.
  6. Declutter your life – this is something that you can do daily, too! It’s the little things A decluttered space leads to a decluttered mind, because there’s not so much stuff around you nor on your mind. So throw away that piece of paper immediately. Open windows to let fresh air in. Breathe and with the outbreath, clean your mind from bad, heavy thoughts, and let them go.


Do you also have any habits that you would like to add to the list?
Please write them in the comments below!

All the best,
Elaine Valerie

Photos by Isabelle Gloria.

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